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Hawaii's Finest Shave Ice Machine

Hawaii's Finest Shave Ice Machine


Count on this hard-working setup to churn out and shave up extra-fine snow with its heavy-duty 3/4hp Brute Force Motor. Take it up a notch by adding the MaximIcer continuous shave ice cylinder, which requires an easy-to-operate foot pedal but increases your potential production capability to 25lb. of cubed ice and 500 sales per hour. 


  • 3/4hp drive motor, can use any cube ice
  • Recommended for high-volume operations
  • Holds 4lbs of ice in the hopper
  • Lid safety switch on the hopper
  • Fine tuning ice adjustment
  • 15.5"W x 20"D x 21.5"H
  • 71lbs

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