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Kerosene Salamander/Torpedo Heater, 165K BTU

Kerosene Salamander/Torpedo Heater, 165K BTU


Master 165,000 BTU kerosene heater

Salamander / Torpedo Style Heater
165,000 BTU output per Hour
3,900 sq. ft. Heating Area
575 CFM Hot Air Flow
13.5 gal Fuel tank
1.2 gal. Consumption per hour
11.0 hours Operating time/tankful B
Solid State Control System
HSI Electronic Ignition
1/5 HP Motor (60hz, AC, 115v)
High Capacity Blower
Automatic Fuel Shut-Off
Carry handle standard
Includes Wheel Kit
Built-In Thermostat
-30 Degree F. Rated Cold Weather Start
ARL listed/certified
For Outdoor Use
Check local codes and ordinances for permitted uses.
Product Dimensions: 25" H x 20.5" D x 39.25" L (Includes Handle)
Product Weight 55 lbs.

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